December Students 8th grade

Students of the Month 8th grade
Posted on 12/14/2018
8th grade Students of the Month of December

8th Grade December Students of the Month

Band – Lucas Sabol
Lucas started playing a wind instrument in the band this year playing none other than the bassoon.  His passion for music and desire to be challenged is astounding.

Orchestra – Aanika Patel
Aanika shows leadership in Orchestra on a daily basis.  She has volunteered her assistance to mentor a new student and leads a helping hand when it is needed.

Chorus – Claudia Marino
Claudia is always prepared.  She demonstrates leadership and passion in class.  She represented West Essex in Region Choir last year, and is preparing to audition again this year.  She is always going above and beyond to help her classmates.

STEM – Leo Mazzola
Leo has such a positive attitude about STEM.  He came to class every day with a smile and eager to work.  He asks questions when he is unsure and he really tries to problem solve on his own.

Art – Priya Shah
Priya is such an intelligent and creative individual.  All of her art projects are done with such care and thought and with great success.  As beautiful as her visual art is, it pales in comparison to her writing.  Her critiques are crafted beautifully and thoughtfully written with a command of the English language that is beyond her years.

Spanish – Logan Bogumil
Logan always comes to class with a positive attitude and ready to learn.  He has worked very hard in Spanish this year.  His enthusiasm has helped make him a valuable member of his homeroom.

Italian – Alessandra Palumbo
Alessandra is an excellent student with a thirst for the Italian language.  She consistently participates and asks questions.  She brings forth a sense of positive vibes to the classroom and is always eager to help other students.

French – Gianna Lodato
Gianna is an amazing French student. She always participates in class and has a fantastic accent.  Gianna’s hard work really reflects her love of the French language.

PE/Health – Cielle McInerney
Cielle always does her best regardless of what activity they are doing in class.  Not only is she a hard worker, she is kind, caring and considerate to other students.

Computer Science – Lindsey Leitner
Lindsey is a pleasure to teach in computer science.  She is a leader in class and always sets a great example for others through her hard work and determination.