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January Students of the Month
Posted on 01/10/2019
Brynn Degnan,Jacob Projansky, Olivia Weiss, Mr. Popat: January Students of the Month           JANUARY STUDENTS OF THE MONTH:

8th Grade

Brynn Degnan -  Brynn is a very sweet and hardworking student.  She is always prepared, works well with her peers, and puts forth her best effort every day.  It is apparent that Brynn is engaged in class and participates with confidence.  Brynn has a great work ethic and is diligent on assignments for all classes.  She is a model student and is recognized for her efforts.

Jacob Projansky - Jacob is a self-motivated, enthusiastic learner who is committed to doing his absolute best.  he has an impressive understanding and depth of knowledge about his interests.  Jacob is a valued member in all of his classes.  He shows a high level of respect for his teachers and peers, is thoughtful in his interactions with others and displays great citizenship by assisting other students.

Olivia Weiss - Olivia is a determined, hardworking student who always strives to be her best.  If Olivia is unsure of an assignment she asks for clarification to ensure she does the assignment correctly.  She excelled on her Living Wax Museum Project and portrayed her wax figure through dress and presentation perfectly.

Mr. Popat with January 7th Grade students of the month
7th Grade

VJ Demirdjian -
VJ exemplifies what it means to be a West Essex Knight.  He is a considerate, respectful young man who knows what it takes to be a great student.  VJ is a curious learner who actively listens and participates in class and goes the extra mile to produce the best work possible. He is helpful and kind to his fellow classmates.

Gino Romano -  Gino has been a positive light both in and out of the classroom. He comes into class smiling, happy, optimistic and willing to put his best foot forward. He works well, individually, and in group settings and is a role model to his peers.  Gino consistently participates in class discussions and adds significant value to every conversation. He transitions well and balances academics and extracurricular activities effectively.

Alina Kolenovic -
Alina is a model student.  She is always prepared, exceeds expectations in her work, and demonstrates understanding of concepts.  She shows leadership in working with others.  

Ali Simmons - Ali is a very responsible, motivated, and passionate student.  She comes to school every day with a smile, an excitement for learning, and a dedication for going above and beyond.  Her teachers enjoy the daily "hi's" and "goodbye's" as she enters and exits the classroom.  Ali pays close attention to details and makes sure that her daily work is accurate and of the utmost quality.  Ali is a model student who sets a positive example for her peers and works hard every day, not only for herself, but to help her peers as well.