Back to School Information

Important Information for Back to School
Posted on 09/08/2020
Please read this important information regarding distance learning:


Distance Learning will occur from September 8 thru October 2. The most salient points that students and parents should be aware of for the first day of school are as follows:

>The school day begins at 8:15 am and ends at 2:35 p.m.
>Virtual attendance is required for all classes.
Students must attend class with their cameras on.
>Standard dress code, as per the student handbook, applies.
>If students need to step away from their Chromebook, they should ask their teacher for permission just as they would in a physical classroom.
>Students should virtually attend class from a private and quiet location whenever possible.  While it is highly tempting for parents to eavesdrop or watch the classroom from out of camera view, please refrain from doing so.  Teachers are trying to create a natural dynamic in the classroom, and parental involvement, seen or unseen, disrupts this environment for your child.

>Video or audio recordings of classrooms are strictly prohibited and illegal.  This applies to recording in-person education as well as a virtual classroom with any device.  Recording any type of classroom is a suspendable offense for students.  Recourse will also be taken should any non-students, such as parents or older siblings, record a classroom.

Additional details can be found in the district’s Restart and Recovery and Distance Learning plans.  

Daily Calendar (updated)

Due to a typo with regard to Election Day on November 3, the Daily Calendar has been updated to reflect a virtual day on Tuesday, November 3 and an in-person hybrid day for the red cohort on Wednesday, November 4.

Student Username & Password

Students need their West Essex username and password to login to their Chromebook, Genesis and all-things Google (ie Google Classroom, Gmail, etc).  The username and password are both displayed in the Genesis Parent Portal, on the "summary" tab underneath the student picture.  Student email addresses consist of the student’s (ie  When logging into the Chromebook, the is already entered for you so students will only need to type their username (ie gdonlevie).  

Google Classroom Codes

Google Classroom codes are virtual classroom numbers that students will need for the first day of school, as well as throughout the year.  Students are encouraged to locate their codes and enter each Google classroom prior to September 8th!  Upon entering each Classroom, students will be able to access a link to the Zoom class meeting, as well as watch an introductory video.  If students get lost during the day and are unable to locate their Google Classroom, please contact Mrs. Fredo in the Main Office.

Bitmoji Middle School

Our counselors, Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Lambordozzi, created a Bitmoji Middle School for our students!   The school provides a Principal's Welcome, a virtual building tour, and informational videos on reading schedules, understanding the rotating drop bell schedule, technology, the code of conduct, and more.  Teachers will also review many of the concepts presented during the first few days of school.

Grade 7 Parent Night 

Our annual 7th Grade Parent Night formally welcomes new families to the district and provides insight into the middle school philosophy, code of conduct, counseling services, technology, and building procedures for items such as attendance.  This year’s program will also outline medical procedures with regard to the covid-19 pandemic.  In lieu of our traditional parent night, please view our 7th Grade Parent Night Video.

Textbook Distribution

On September 9-11, textbooks and agenda pads will be distributed to all students.  Distribution will occur by color cohorts as follows:




Red Cohort

September 9

3:00-5:00 p.m.

Blue Cohort

September 10

3:00-5:00 p.m.

Green Cohort

September 11

3:00-5:00 p.m.

When arriving to campus, please note the following:

>Students are required to wear face masks and maintain social distance of 6ft. at all times.
>Temperature checks will occur prior to students entering the building.
>Students should bring a copy of their schedule or have access via a Smartphone.

>Students should bring a backpack.

>Only one person per family may enter the building.  In the case where a student is unable to attend, one parent may enter the building.  

As indicated on the diagram below, students will enter and exit the building as follows:

Grade 7 will enter the Main Entrance doors ( #1) and exit the gymnasium doors (#2). 

Grade 8 will enter the Auditorium doors (#3) and exit the gymnasium side doors (#4).