8th Grade Students of June

June's 8th Grade Students of the Month
Posted on 06/17/2019
8th Grade students of the Month of June
Congratulations to the 8th Grade Students of the Month of June: Megan Dick, Emma Buono, Olivia D'Achille, and Mark LaManna

Megan Dick:
Megan never fails to greet her teachers with a smile and a pleasant “hello” as she enters the room. She comes to class each day with an enthusiasm for learning. She is diligent with her assignments, focused in class and always kind to those around her.

Emma Buono: Emma is a ray of sunshine. She enters the every class with an eagerness to learn. She is a class leader and a respectful and kind young lady. Team 8B appreciates the positive and vivacious energy Emma brings to class every day.

Olivia D’Achille: Olivia is an enthusiastic learner. She actively participates in her classes and maintains both positive and respectful interactions with both her teachers and peers.

Mark LaManna: Mark is a natural leader. Whenever he is faced with a challenging situation he not only takes the initiative, but encourages others to do the right thing.