8th Grade Students of the Month

8th Grade Students of the Month
Posted on 03/22/2019
March Students of the month

8th Grade

Natalie LiVecchi – Orchestra:  Natalie is a leader in the Middle School orchestra.  She is always ready for rehearsal and uses her extra time wisely by practicing independently.

Chloe Bonaguide – Chorus:  Chloe is always eager to go above and beyond in Chorus.  She is a section leader in class and a choreographer for Glee.  Chloe always has a positive attitude and the motivation to push herself and others to a higher level of performance.

Kaylee Capozzi – STEM:  Kaylee comes to class every day with a smile on her face and ready to problem solve.  Kaylee works hard to think about what she needs to do before she solves a problem.  She always references the directions and requirements of each project.  Kaylee works her hardest ever day in STEM.

Samantha Tango – Art:  Everything Samantha does is well thought out and above and beyond.  She works so carefully and is excellent at managing her time.  She is truly a talented and capable artist as well as being such a sweet and well-mannered young lady.

Corey Resnick – Spanish:  Corey may feel the Spanish is not his strongest subject, but that has not stopped him from putting forth his best effort.  He comes to class with a smile on his face and is always ready to learn.  Corey gets along well with all of his classmates and is a valuable member of the team. 

Angelina Eizaga – Italian:  Angelina continues to be the respectful and diligent student that she was last year as well.  Angelina is always prepared and regularly participates.  I am so proud of her performance in doing such a splendid job in the four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  Angelina works well with her peers and she is a terrific example for other students to emulate.  Bravissima’ Angelina!

Alexandra Sek – French:  Alex is a wonderful French student.  She comes to class prepared and always participates.  Alex speaks French with fluidity and always puts a tremendous amount of effort into her work. 

Josh Pavlovich – Computer Science:  Josh is a pleasure to teach in computer science.  He is a leader in class and always sets a great example for others through hard work and determination.  His attitude is always positive and his outlook upbeat.