February 8th grade SOM

February 8th grade SOM
Posted on 02/07/2019
February 8th grade Students of the MonthCongratulations to our 8th grade Students of the Month of February! 

Tyler Kostick is an example of a quiet but positive and powerful force in our school community.  He is a diligent and hardworking student who meets with much academic success.  He can be found working and smiling with his peers and providing help to anyone who needs it.  He is a brilliant artist and we know his creativity will serve him well in the future.

Joey Macrino is a motivated student.  He is a respectful young man.  His confidence and ambition allows him to lead fearlessly both inside the classroom and on the wrestling mat.  Joey is a true example of how actions speak louder than words.

Julian Martin is a pleasure to teach each and every day.  He comes to class with a positive attitude and strives to do his best.  Julian is an active participant and always adds to class discussions.  Julian exhibits leadership qualities and serves as a valuable asset to the team. 

Maria Holevas has an amiable personality; she brings a positive, upbeat, friendly vibe to her classes.  Maria never utters a negative statement and she always sees the best in every situation.  Her bright smile and laugh sets the mood and tone in her classes.  Maria strives in the classroom and is a conscientious student producing only quality work.