March 7h grade students

March Students of the month 7th
Posted on 03/22/2019
7th grade Students of the month

7th Grade

Jasmine Lin – Orchestra:   Jasmine is very focused and motivated in orchestra.  She leads her peers by setting an example.  She is always attentive in class and contributes to the rehearsal. 

Rebecca Snodgrass – Chorus:  Rebecca always comes to class with a smile and good attitude.  She is helpful to her classmates and to Mrs. Rizzo.  She goes above and beyond expectations daily, and helps motivate her peers to participate and get the most out of Chorus.

Alanna Tufaro – STEM:  When present with a problem, Alanna takes a step back and thinks about multiple possible solutions.  She looks at every angle that she can think of to create the best outcome.  She is an extremely hardworking student who comes to class each day ready to try her hardest.

Devin Fogg – Art:  Devin is always asking questions to the end of doing the best artwork possible.  His positive attitude and great manners made him a pleasure to have in class.

Eli Rosenthal – Spanish:  Eli is a kind, helpful and a respectful students who never misses an assignment.  He is always ready and willing to volunteer an answer, is always on task, and is a wonderful role model. 

Mia D’Amore – Italian:  Mia is a respectful and conscientious young lady who always comes to class prepared and ready to take on the tasks at hand.  Mia regularly participates in class. She has excelled throughout the year thus far in all of the four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.  Mia works well with her peers.  She is a fine student for others to emulate.  Mia continues to be a pleasure to have in class!  Bravissima’ Mia!

Violetta Rzaca – French:  Violetta is an excellent French student and a lovely young lady.  She has an amazing grade record in French.  She scored 100% on every assessment during the first 2 marking periods and has not missed even one homework assignment the entire year!  She is polite, enthusiastic and hardworking.

Daniel Giannetti - PE/Health; Daniel is polite to his teachers and his classmates and is great in a cooperative setting.  He is respectful to everyone and always gives 100% effort in all activities.  He is always pleasant and attentive and is motivating to students whether they are on his team or the opposing team.  Daniel even raised over $1,000 for the American Heart Association which shows his dedication to community service.

Christina DeLuca – Computer Science:  Christina always participates with enthusiasm in computer science class. She is inquisitive about the subject matter and always challenges herself to go above and beyond what is being asked.  She has a great knack for building on class concepts in her project work.  She is supportive of her classmates and strives for excellence.