Students of the Month

Students of the Month
Posted on 06/17/2020
June Students of the Month June Students of the Month

7th Grade:

Luca Leonardis:  Luca is a student that has continually proved to be dedicated to his academics.  He doesn’t simply just want a grade, he wants to learn.  He is engaged, asks sincere questions, and has demonstrated tremendous growth this school year.  Luca not only crushes it on the academic front, but also in a personal manner.  Luca is kind, respectful and always cracked a smile or two in the classroom.  He is a role model to his peers simply by his natural behaviors.

Ashley Projansky:  Ashley does a fantastic job of staying on task in all of subjects while in the classroom, and during distance learning.  She always turns in her work on time, and goes above what is expected.  Beside her work ethic, she is respectful of both her peers and her teachers.  She even volunteers to answer questions in google classroom for her entire class.  Ashley is compassionate and kind; she has been there for others who need a friend, and is dependable and reliable.  

Julia Shamosh:  Julia has been an outstanding student throughout the entire year, both in the classroom, and to no surprise, now through remote learning.  Julia takes initiative when it comes to her education and demonstrates a strong work ethic, superior study habits and excellent time management.  Julia goes above and beyond all of her teacher’s expectations and every assignment she completes is truly impeccable.  While in the classroom, Julia works well with others, takes a leadership role in group activities and is always a pleasure to be around.  We look forward to a strong finish of the school year and anticipate many great accomplishments in her future here at West Essex.

8th Grade:

Catherine “Kiki” Farlie:  Catherine is such a bright and happy individual - we all could use some more of her optimism!  We are thankful for her continued hard work and dedication to her learning during these times.  She hasn’t let these challenges impact her drive and determination to build her knowledge and skills.  It is clear that given these awesome qualities, Kiki will continue to reach much success and keep others smiling in the future.

Stephanie Mitchell:  The one drawback of distance learning is that we do not see Staphanie’s smiling face and experience her pleasant disposition on a daily basis.  Every day she would pass us in the hallway or enter our classrooms with a smile; she always radiated happiness.  Since we have been on distance learning, Stephanie has been a shining star.  She has been diligently working in her core academic classes to successfully submit assignments completely and on time.  Stephanie has been focused on her education and it is demonstrated in the quality of work she has submitted.  Stephanie has risen to the challenges before her and she has met them with confidence.  We are proud of the achievements Stephanie has made in the last few months.  She has the ability and skills necessary for success in high school.

Joey Busciglio:  Joey has been “crushing it” since we started digital learning.  Team 8C has been impressed with his hard work and dedication to his grades during this time of virtual learning.  He has been submitting all of his work and asking questions when clarification is needed.  His effort this marking period has not gone unnoticed and we are thrilled that Joey is ending the school year on a positive note.