Students of the Month of May

MS Students of the Month of May
Posted on 05/03/2019
8th Grade students of the Month of May8th Grade: 
Anthony Tamburri, Gabriella Ortizzo, Emily Smith, Alexandra Craine and MS Principal Vee Popat 

MS Principal Vee Popat, Sofia Brignola, Joslyn deGuzman, Sarah Holleuffer, and Julia Foti

7th grade left to right:
MS Principal Vee Popat, Sofia Brignola, Joslyn deGuzman, Sarah Holleuffer, and Julia Fot

May Students of the Month

7th Grade

 Sofia Brignola is an awesome student. She always comes to class prepared to learn and goes above and beyond in terms of completing her work with accuracy and attention to detail. Sofia is a model student who is always ready to help a peer and sets an example in class by being an active learner who works in class from start to finish.

 Joslyn deGuzman is always prepared with her materials, participates in class discussions and collaborates well with others. She is always willing to help her classmates and always gives her best.

 Sarah Holleuffer is kind, respectful, always prepared and empathetic. She asks for clarification when needed and always tries her hardest. In class, Sarah is a great participant in small and large groups.

Julia Foti is a pleasure to have in class. Julia comes to class prepared and is focused and ready to learn everyday. She is willing to help her peers and takes the time to explain her answers to help their understanding.

 8th Grade

Anthony Tamburri, eager to learn, cooperative with others and leads with kindness are attributes that come to mind when we think of Anthony. He can always be counted on to give 100% attention and is inquisitive with whatever content he is presented with. He is responsible and takes an active role in his learning and assignments.

 Gabriella Ortizzo is an enthusiastic learner and is a kind and vivacious young lady. Gabbie always has a smile on her face and enjoys sharing her thoughts, interests, and athletic endeavors with her classmates. Gabbie’s humble nature, genuine concern for others, and dependability have earned her the respect of her peers.

Emily Smith is an absolute pleasure to have in class. She is an active participant in class and often takes the lead when working in groups. She always has a smile on her face, is respectful to her teachers and has a positive attitude toward learning. She pays attention in class and works hard both in and out of the classroom.

 Alexandra Craine is not only a good student, but a good citizen. She is the definition of “Character is who you are in the dark” (Dwight L. Moody). Sasha will stay after class once everyone leaves, the last period of the day, to clean up the classroom without being