TREP$ Marketplace

TREP$ Marketplace
Posted on 06/05/2019
Wish Upon a JarA big shout out to the creative young entrepreneurs who sold their products, to students and staff, during lunch periods Wednesday, June 5th.   The students are members of the TREP$ club.  TREP$ is a club for young entrepreneurs who are responsible for creating unique products, marketing them and, finally, selling them for profit.  This marketplace featured the following businesses:

 Ava Ciauro     -      WISH UPON A JAR
Marissa Gentles  -  MARISSA'S COMPANY
Nicholas Place    -  NICK'S PHOTOGRAPHY

Marissa's Company handmade jewelry and bags for sale at TREP$ Marketplace Marissa's Company

Nick's Photography displayNick's Photography

Chloe Franciose sells her Wheat Berry GrassChole's Wheat Berry Grass

Ava Ciauro and Marissa Gentles sell their productsAva Ciauro and Marissa Gentles

Nick Place and Chloe Franciose sell productsNick Place and Chloe Franciose