Unbridled Heros Trip

Unbridled heros trip
Posted on 05/20/2019
Luciano Polifonte,Lucas Pastor, Zachary Kesh feed the horsesMiddle School students recently attended the Unbridled Heros Project located in Allendale, NJ.  Veterans Mark and Amy Steppe of Ridgewood, NJ started the Unbridled Heroes Project to save both wild mustangs and returning service members from the scars and trauma they are dealing with. The program was launched in September, 2018. Volunteers help with the daily chores and care of the animals.  That is where our students came in. Students spent the day feeding, cleaning and caring for the animals as well as painting serenity rocks and learning about what the project does for people, as well as animals.

Ella Clausi, Karis Amboriso, Celeste Pecorino
Ella Clausi, Karis Ambrosio,Celeste Pecorino

"Hope" serenity rock by Chloe Franciose
Chloe Franciose creates a serenity rock with the word Hope painted on it.

Students learn how to groom horse

Students work with volunteers

Students bond with rescued horses