School Publications

Advisors: Mr. James Massa ( and Mrs. Genna Solari (

Knightlights is the school literary magazine, which publishes once a year in June. The magazine just held its Scary Story Contest. Students are encouraged to write poems, short stories, plays, songs, essays and to submit them for possible publication. Students are also encouraged to join as editors, selecting works for the magazine and editing submissions.

The Knightly News
Advisor: Ms. Alexa Speer ( Genna Solari(

The Knightly News is the school newspaper at the middle school. The newspaper staff creates and publishes an issue each marking period. In addition to writers, the staff includes photographers, layout editors, technology experts, and artists. The Knightly News meets at least twice a month and has visited the newsroom of The Star Ledger.

Steppingstone- Yearbook

The middle school students produce the entire yearbook-Steppingstone. Students use software and digital images to construct the yearbook page by page. Club members count polls send out mailings, make pages, take pictures, get business ads, design the layout of the book, and pick the cover.