Libguides/Class Projects




8th Grade Reading: Tom Sawyer Research

8th Grade Reading:  Living Wax Museum

7th Grade English: Impact of Social Media

8TH Grade English: Travelogue

8th Grade Reading: Book Trailers

The Story of Stuff

8th Grade English: Argumentative Essay


8th Grade English: What is Government?

7th Grade Reading/Social Studies/English: Animal Farm

7th Grade English: Point of View and Immigration

Destiny Scavenger Hunt

Destiny Introduction - Videos

Tangerine Mini-Research

Independent Reading Book Selection

7th Grade Orientation

Link for QR Code Reader

IRB Project: My Literary Preferences

Flowers for Algernon

The Miracle Worker

What's in a Name?

City on a Hill

Non-fiction: Fun and Fascinating!

Website Evaluation

Lord of the Flies

Create a Book Review in Destiny!


8th Grade English: Declaration of Independence

7th Grade: China Research

8th Grade: Raisin in the Sun

8th Grade (Mrs. Graham): Forge research

7th Grade English: Marking Period 1 Research

MLA Style Guide: Avoiding Plagiarism

7th Grade Reading: Anne Frank

Website Evaluation

Ms. Franzi: Ties That Bind, Ties That Break/3rd period


Physical Geography

Country Research

7th Grade Reading/Social Studies/English: Animal Farm

Mrs. Bramhall: Creating a commercial for a U.S. State

The Notorious Benedict Arnold

Mrs. Bramhall - Africa

Ms. Bramhall: Middle East Research Project

Europe: Ms. Bramhall

7th Grade Research: China

Mr. Cappello: American Presidents

8th Grade Research: Debating Controversial Topics in U.S. History

8th Grade Research: Philosophers and the Age of Enlightenment

7th Grade Research Project: Genocide

Colonies Project


Science 8: Human Impact Project


8th Grade Science: How Green is your Energy?

7th Grade Research: Chapters 5 - 7


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Literacy Night