April Students of the Month

April 7th grade
Posted on 04/08/2020
Students of the month

April Students of the Month 2020

7th Grade

Emily Axlrod: Emily is what every teacher dreams of having in a student.  She is diligent in her academics, she is willing to help her peers, she reflects on her work and is a genuinely deep thinker.  What makes Emily so special though is her witty personality and her ability to be unapologetically herself.  Emily is creative and intuitive. She is smart and brave.  

Lilly Venezia Lilly is a shining star.  She enters each class with a smile, motivation to learn and a      strong desire to “not just get it” but to excel. Lilly is an active learner who listens intently, participates often and motivates her peers to do better.  She is a leader in the classroom and on the field. Lilly possesses all the personal and academic qualities of a great student.

Priya Marcus Priya has been a pleasure to teach since September.  She comes to class prepared, focused, and engaged. She has a mature outlook on academics and middle school life that allows her to consistently rise to the challenge.  She has adapted to the remote learning setting beautifully which is a true indication that she is ready for anything.