May Students of the Month

May Students of the Month
Posted on 05/18/2021
May students of the month

Congratulations to the Middle School Students of the Month of May!

The 7th grade Students of the month of May are: 
Dante D'Achille, Kyra Keaveney and Ryan Sivori


Student of the Month 

Why is this student deserving of this award ?


Dante D’Achille

Dante is a student who demonstrates diligence, poise, and dedication in his silent, yet smiley personality. Dante always comes to class prepared, always competes his assignments on time and thoroughly, and is a role model for his classmates for these reasons. As teachers, we can always rely on Dante to be a solid participant in class work or discussions, and even if only a quarter of his face is showing on screen---we somehow know he’s always smiling! Dante is an absolute gift to the Team7A squad and anyone who crosses his path is lucky. 


Kyra Keaveney 

Kyra is an excellent example of a West Essex Knight! She is hard working, kind, and has a positive attitude. She goes above and beyond without being prompted. Kyra has a very strong work ethic, and takes initiative to help others as needed. Kyra is attentive in class, contributes to class discussions, and is always present during her online/remote sessions. West Essex is lucky to have students like Kyra to help make our school a better place. Keep up the great work!


Ryan Sivori

Ryan has impressed all of his teachers since the beginning of the school year.   On a daily basis, Ryan exemplifies a positive attitude, enthusiasm toward learning, and constantly goes above and beyond the expectations for all of his classes.  He is diligent, extremely self-motivated and has a work ethic second to none.  In addition, Ryan has fantastic peer collaboration and acts as a role model to his fellow classmates.  While Ryan takes his education seriously, he is also able to bring out his clever sense of humor in an appropriate and respectful manner.  All of these outstanding qualities make Ryan an absolute pleasure to have in class and allow him to be successful here at the West Essex Middle School.  

The 8th Grade Students fo the month of May are:
John Wrocenski, Dominic Bailey and Sophia Rosen


John Wrocenski

John is an all around great student! He is kind, respectful, and diligent. John comes to each class ready to learn and participate. He advocates for himself by asking questions and working hard to ensure that he always meets or exceeds expectations. John has all of the qualities of a student who is always striving to learn more. His teachers agree, John is a pleasure to have in class!


Dominic Bailey

Dominic Bailey is a quiet strength in our classes. He is a man of few words, but he is consistent, reliable, and thorough in his work and attention to details. Dom has impressed us with the quality of work he submits. His outstanding work reflects his understanding of concepts, his nuances of language, and his application of facts. We can always rely on Dom to respond to questions and prompts with specific details and thoughtful insights. Dom is a pleasure to work with, he is well prepared for high school, and we anticipate great things from him in the future.


Sophia Rosen

Sophia is an absolute pleasure to have in class. She completes all of her work on time, asks questions when clarification is needed and has excellent work and study skills.  She works well both independently and with groups.  We love having Sophia on team 8C--Keep up the good work!