May Students of the Month

Students of the Month
Posted on 05/18/2020

Congratulations MAY Students of the Month!

7th Grade:  Sofia Della Terza, Brady Phillips and Emily Dyme
7th  Grade:
Sofia Della Terza:  Sofia shows grit and determination through her hard work.  She always figures things out when it comes to concepts or problems and asks great questions when she doesn’t get something.  These qualities will ensure future success in the classroom and in life.

Brady Phillips:  Brady adds wonderful dynamic to his classes through his unique personality, innate drive, and leadership.  Brady consistently goes above and beyond expectations in both classroom and on the athletic field, supports his peers in positive ways, and makes classes very enjoyable for his teachers.

Emily Dyme:  Emily is an independent and hardworking student who demonstrates strength that is admirable.  We appreciate Emily’s mature demeanor and the responsible way that she has conducted herself both in the classroom and during remote learning.  She works significantly well in a group setting, acting as a leader and role model to her peers.  Emily is helpful, clever, and fun and we miss her dearly!  

8th Grade:  Joey Zarillo, Sadie Berg and Alejandra Munoz
8th Grade:

Joey Zarillo:  Joey has shown such incredible growth this year.  He works extremely hard to complete his assignments and has become a wonderful example of how dedication pays off.  Joey advocates for his classmates and they look to him for advice.  Joey has a sense of humor that is infectious and he brings levity to the class.  He has shown maturity this year and has been fully present and supportive of others during our Google Meets.  Joey is respectful of his teachers and peers.  It has been a pleasure to watch Joey persevere as he makes his mark on the middle school community.  

Sadie Berg:  Sadie has an indomitable spirit that inspires us to look for the strength we have within us to overcome any obstacle.  Sadie has persevered through difficult circumstances with optimism, grace, and tenacity.  Sadie is an enthusiastic student who goes above and beyond in her assignments.  We are blessed to know her as a person.

Alejandra Munoz:  Alejandra is an extremely hard-working and diligent student.  She puts the maximum amount of effort into every task and assignment and her work has been nothing short of excellent this year.  Alejandra is a positive and supportive classmate who collaborates well with her peers and is a true leader by example.  The sky’s the limit for Alejandra and we cannot wait to see what the future has in store for her!