Portraits and ID Cards

Student Portraits are taken in September each year with retakes in October. If the portrait package you received is incorrect, please contact Lifetouch directly at 973.227.5252 and they will be best able to fix the problem.

If after you've received your child's initial portrait/ID you decide that you'd like a retake, please send the package/ID card in tact with your child in on the day of retakes. Only then can they credit you in full.

If for some reason your child did not bring home the ordering envelope:

  • Before the Portrait Day - extra envelopes are available in the main office
  • After the Portrait Day - a proof will come home of the original photo and you will be able to place an order online. Or, you may have a new photo taken on retake day - complete a new envelope (from the main office)

If the name on your child's ID Card is incorrect, please contact the Yearbook Committee at steppingstone@westex.org. And someone on our team will be able to make a new card for your child and make sure it is correct for the yearbook.